Good ol’ fashioned Peanut Brittle!

The past few years, I have learned that not everyone likes cakes, cookies and other candies.  But they DO like peanut brittle!  Though I’m not much of a peanut brittle person myself, this recipe is just amazing!!!  So much, that you will catch me sneaking a bite here and there throughout the day.  As for my husband, this is his favorite dessert and he could just eat the whole batch in one setting! (If only I let him!)  It makes me happy to see the joy on his face when he sees a fresh warm batch on the cookie sheet.  One thing that I have learned about this recipe is that sometimes, simple really is better…

This recipe can accept different types of nuts (and I’m not talking about you readers!!)  The peanut brittle that you see in the pictures is actually made with cashews. Yum!!  I have even tried it with macadamia nuts and WOW, that was by far my favorite flavor.  So, if you want to just have the game on, throw in some cocktail peanuts, but if you have a dinner party and need an appetizer, I definitely recommend the fancier styles out there.  It does make a difference!


1 cup sugar

1/2 cup Light corn syrup

2 cups of peanuts

1 Tbsp real butter (don’t use margarine! It won’t cook correctly)

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. vanilla

Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray and set aside.  In a corningware bowl (or microwavable mid sized bowl), add the sugar and corn syrup and stir till mixture is wet.  Put in microwave for 5 minutes till mixture is boiling.  Carefully remove bowl (SUPER HOT mixture, don’t mess around!) and add peanuts and butter.  Stir till the peanuts are set in the syrup. This will seem hard to stir, as it should.  Place back in microwave for 3-4 minutes until mixture is a light brown color.  (if not, add more time – more humid days will cause more cooking time)  Remove mixture carefully and add in baking soda and vanilla.  This causes a sizzle!  Stir mixture and you will see the caramel color come through.  Pour mixture on cookie sheet and press flat with the spatula.  If you leave the brittle too fat, it will be more difficult to eat.  When cooled, break pieces apart by hand.



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