The Pig Roast…

And finally, as promised, the low-down on the weekend getaway at the cabin and the annual pig roast!  This event is just amazing.  I remember attending as a little girl and while a few things have changed, there is much that remains the same.  I was flooded by memories returning here on Saturday afternoon.

 The Outcast Lodge, nestled somewhere in Pennsylvania…

No, I’m not going to tell you where in PA! 

I have found that the preparation night was as much fun as the day of the celebration.  There is excitement in the air as everyone prepares for the big event.  There were women prepping veggies, men chopping SERIOUS amounts of onions, regular cooking in the kitchen so everyone had food to eat all night long.  No, there is no shortage of food!  Oh yes, and some desserts were tossed into the mix that night too.  I supplied a batch of spicy dark chocolate brownies.  How to make them? I had to go simple, as I didn’t want to lug supplies up, so I bought a box of brownie mix and added a little hot sauce in the batter.  Heats the chocolate up at the end of each bite.  Delicious!

Back to the onions… did I tell you that these men must have iron eyes?  It was SO intense that everyone in the cabin evacuated, drank and socialized outside while 3-4 men cut onions and sent them through a chopper.  owwwwwww!  I honestly don’t know how they managed.   The onions were chopped for the stuffing that goes into the pig.  Like I said, there is no shortage of food. 

Later at night, the two pigs had been delivered via pickup truck.  Ok, so we have to do things the mountain way right?  These healthy beasts had to be stuffed and put on the fire to cook, and these pictures below show the massive sized ovens they had to be cooked on. 

I know, you want to see the pigs!!! Ok, here are some photos for you. 

This is my Dad helping to stuff one of the pigs.  This is not small task either.  It took several men to stuff and stitch up this beast!

Pig 1 was cooking right along around 7am when I went outside to check.  Pig 2 was cooking faster, but looked just as good.  We stuck an apple in the mouth for tradition sake.

Banana pudding time! 

Yes, there were 3 ladies preparing the famous banana pudding.  It would not be a pig roast without this dessert.  I counted the boxes of nilla wafers.  15 boxes!  And they were worried it wasn’t enough!  Naturally the pudding was a hit and well loved.

As the day carried on, I found it amazing how everything ran smoothly, “like a well oiled wheel.”  While people prepared indoors, there were crews of people setting up outdoors for the festivities.  The tarps went up to cover the main seating area.  The DJ stand was set up.  The flags on the main street were arranged.  I did not find anyone having problems or complaints about one thing or another.  For a party of 250 guests, it went off without a hitch!

Chowdown time!  Around 5pm, after everyone has a grand time playing lottery games, socializing and more, the pigs must be carved!

Plenty of happy faces here!  The food was delicious, and I must say I was partial to the stuffing!  As well as the banana pudding of course.

As for the rest of the time spent there at the cabin?  It was great returning there.  The smells of the fire crackling at night and in the morning and the fresh mountain air was what a city girl needed!  My two girls definitely enjoyed themselves as well.  They got to get in the dirt and play without me climbing all over there backs to stay clean or to not venture off. 

What fun!!


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