Life is full…of interesting directions

As you all know I was scheduled to go to the final cooking competition today in Charlotte, NC.  But God and life has a funny way of changing directions for me.  Sadly, I will not be making it to the final cookoff today.  Many many reasons suddenly were put in front of me why I could not.  Most importantly, family needed us due to health concerns. 

While I’m discouraged, I also realize that there will be more opportunities that I will be given down the road.  This is not the end.  Hopefully one day you’ll spot me on Food Network! ha!! (ok… I might be having high hopes, but a girl can dream!)

Best wishes to my friends down in CLT cooking at the Southern Cooking Competition today!!


One thought on “Life is full…of interesting directions

  1. Family is more important. We miss you but you are making the best decision.
    Let me know when you’ll be on the Food Network! I’ll be sure to watch! 🙂 Take care BFF!

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