The Chocadores Experience

(Picture courtesy of Chocadores)

As most of you know, I truly LOVE chocolate.  Who doesn’t love it?  Here in the beautiful USA, we have a great selection of chocolates to satisfy the American palate.  Sweet.  We Americans love our milk chocolates, but some of you connoisseurs have developed a deeper love for the dark chocolate.

Chocolate tasting reminds me of wine tasting. When you start drinking wines, sweet wine is usually the simple and trusting way to go.  Kind of like a milk chocolate or white chocolate.  Sweet, smooth and easy to love.  But then, your palate wants to step up to a new level… and you dare venture to the dry wines; a buttery Chardonnay and then eventually to a robust dry red.  And I find this holds true for a dark chocolate.  First you go with a Hershey dark chocolate (again, it’s really a sweet dark!) and then you one day buy that dark, perhaps bittersweet bar and think, WOW, I didn’t realize it could be that amazing.

That’s what I think of the Chocadores chocolates.  I was enjoying the very dark and bittersweet chocolates, but today I stepped out of my box and ventured to a new type of chocolate.  These wonderful ladies sent me a package all the way from the UK to let me try out what is classified as “single origin” chocolate!  (Ok, a little history on chocolate… a lot of companies will combine chocolate from different locations, whereas Chocadores will create their chocolate from one location which I believe ensures purity in taste.)

Chocadores sent me four samples of chocolates.

  • Venezuelan Milk chocolate (Criollo-Trinitario beans)
  • Peruvian Dark chocolate (Criollo-Trinitario beans)
  • Ecuador 39% Milk chocolate (Arriba bean)
  • Madagascar 67% Dark chocolate (Criollo-Trinitario beans)

I was SO lucky that I got to taste the last two chocolates on that list before they are released to the market.  My take on all of the chocolate?  Well, to do this fairly, I had my family and I taste together.  Funny thing about having a group review, you will see where the favorites are, and also how different our taste buds are from each other!

The Venezuelan milk chocolate, hands down was my father’s favorite.  I had to agree with him that it was pretty amazing.  It was silky, like the Dove commercial with that woman and the silk scarf blowing in the wind.  Creamy and perfect.  I hear that this particular chocolate is derived from the rarest and most expensive cocoa.  As I bit into the chocolate, you can tell this is exquisite chocolate.

The Peruvian dark chocolate was savory.  My husband and I both really enjoyed this.  It had a great balance and carried a dark chocolate robust flavor, yet a ending of sweetness. Delicious!  The cocoa beans are grown on plantations deep in the Amazon rain forest.  Incredible!

The Ecuador milk chocolate was smooth, and they are cute as a button!  Chocadores created this brand to be in a “mini button” form which makes them too easy to eat!  This chocolate is not overly sweet like here in America.  I think it’s actually better than what we have here, as it’s just not overpowering with sugar.  The company explains that the rare cocoa bean is grown in the rainforests and is becoming very popular due to the elegant tasting notes.

My personal favorite?  The Madagascar dark chocolate!! Oh this chocolate had it going on, and it hasn’t even hit the markets yet.  What a privilege it was to have the chance to taste this!  To describe the flavor of this dark chocolate is to compare it with the power of a strong coffee.  In fact, I thought the smell and taste carried a hint of coffee!  It is an amazing chocolate to enjoy with your connoisseur friends.  This cocoa comes from the world’s finest beans from single plantations in Madagascar.

To my Chocadores friends in England, THANK YOU!!  I feel honored that you would give me the chance to taste single origin chocolate and now I feel educated on the differences.

To my fans, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone with chocolate.  Splurge and treat yourself and friends/family to these divine chocolates.  You won’t be sorry that you did!!

Disclosure: I received products from Chocadores in order to complete this honest review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own thoughts, however yours may vary


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