Baking vs. the world’s views…

It’s not about me… it’s about baking vs. the world!

Two weeks ago, I discovered this blog called Chocolate and Tea, and have been paying close attention to her work.  You can see by her blog that she is very passionate about baking and the style of her blog as well.  It has been well written, has beautiful pictures, and great food choices!

Today, she captured my attention with a very big decision she had made.  She had quit grad school to pursue her passion in life.  I salute you Kristin!!

Too many times are we placed in boxes that we create for ourselves or others have created for us… and that is when the talents that lie inside of us become lost.

I encourage you to read her story “Sugar-Coated Daydreams” and think about what talents you carry.  Are they lost?  Is that a true dream that is brushed off because you think it won’t support you/your family?

Where are your passions?



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