Chocolate covered strawberries…

What’s not to love?  This post, another brief one, is just to show you what kind of goodies you can make easily on your own.  Nothing says “I love you” more than chocolate covered strawberries.  And the great thing is that even your kids can get involved in this event.  (Who said they need to be perfect??)  Two years ago, I had my children make dipped strawberries and they had a great time.  Did they look pretty…eh, not so much, but they were homemade!

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in store bought gifts, as they look perfect and it’s easy.  As a parent and a wife, I love it when my family takes the time to make a gift.  It means they took THEIR time, and that means so much to me.  I’m sure all of you love it when someone takes time out of their day to think carefully about what you would like.

Dipped strawberries?  Simple!!  You’ll laugh at this one…

  1. Clean strawberries with a damp paper towel, do not wash them under water!
  2. Lay down waxed paper on a baking sheet
  3. Melt chocolate, and this is where I will recommend the chocolate melts by Wilton, sold at craft stores.  It’s key that you don’t burn the chocolate!  1 minute 1/2 power, then stir, another minute 1/2 power.  Usually that’s all it takes.  However, each microwave is different.  (make sure the bowl is microwavable, otherwise you heat the bowl, not the chocolate.)
  4. Carefully dip each strawberry in the chocolate.  If you twist your hand at the end (like catching the wine droplet off a bottle), there will be a swirled end to it.   Place strawberry on waxed paper.
  5. While strawberry is wet, it’s a perfect time to put sprinkles or chocolate chips on them.
  6. If you want to do the second chocolate effect like shown above, let chocolate completely dry and melt a few discs of a color chocolate of your choice.
  7. Take a cup, and put an open baggie in it (rim around the edges).  Place warm chocolate inside baggie.  Cut the tip on the corner of the baggie.  The bigger the cut, the less control you will have on the drizzle.
  8. Squeeze chocolate gently out the tip.  Good to practice on some waxed paper first if you are aiming for “the” look.  But remember, chocolate is chocolate!  It’s all good in the end!


4 thoughts on “Chocolate covered strawberries…

  1. Made these for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, we celebrated on Saturday. I found a heart shaped box and put them in there, made him my own Valentine’s Candy box. He loved it and it was super easy to make. Thanks!

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