Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats

This is another fun project that anyone can do.  And the great thing about this project is that you can get really creative!  I made these treats for a ladies function at Valentine’s day, so of course they had to be PINK!

Again this is another simple project that you can involve with your family.

  1. Create the rice krispy treats following directions on the cereal box
  2. Let the krispy mix cool open to the air, and if you really want to speed up time, put them in the refridgerator for a bit.  (it’s helpful if they cool exposed to the air as it will help them harden a bit which helps let the chocolate adhere to the krispy.)
  3. Melt chocolate, and this is where I will recommend the chocolate melts by Wilton, sold at craft stores.  It’s key that you don’t burn the chocolate!  1 minute 1/2 power, then stir, another minute 1/2 power.  Usually that’s all it takes.  However, each microwave is different.  (make sure the bowl is microwavable, otherwise you heat the bowl, not the chocolate.)
  4. Cut the krispy treats to the size you are looking for.  Be creative, use cookie cutters for a unique look!
  5. Dip 1/2 of the krispy into the melted chocolate and place onto waxed paper that is set on a baking sheet.
  6. Decorate with nuts, sprinkles or chocolate chips
  7. If not decorating  with shaken items, wait until chocolate dries and then drizzle 2nd chocolate overtop for a pretty effect. (See chocolate covered strawberries for tip on how to drizzle)

Decorating the treats can be enjoyable for the family, as it’s almost like decorating Easter eggs… each one can be unique.  I made them with polka dots for a birthday party and they looked very festive and matched the theme perfectly.  Another tip:  add them to a lollipop stick!



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