Lollipop Kabobs

Once I saw these cute lollipop kabobs at Sweets Indeed, and I immediately knew I had to try make them too.  What a great idea these are for a party of any type!  I made these specifically for Valentine’s day, but if you chose a different lollipop, it will change the theme, easily.  Other things you can do to make them unique is to use different candies, but keep in mind they need to be soft to string them on the lollipop stick.  In the photo above, I’ve taken a heart lollipop and placed a grapefruit gummy, a peach gummy and a sour belt.  I really like using the sour belts on the lollipop as it adds a lot of color!  Also, if you can find a good candy shop, you will find there are different types/colors of the sour belts, which again can help with your theme.

The great thing about making these adorable lollipops?  You get to be a kid in a candy shop again!  I had a great time shopping around at different stores to find what I needed.  (Now that I know where to find the candy I can just shop at one store and not run around town.)  Plus, they don’t consume a lot of time making them either!

Items needed:

  • Lollipop (pick according to theme)
  • Soft candies
  • Sour belts
  • Plastic lollipop bags (to keep the soft candy fresh)
  • Ribbon or ties to decorate bag

Enjoy and have fun feeling like a kid again!!


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