Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day!

I know… this holiday if you want to call it that, can be a very pressured one.  So I say, K.I.S.S!!!  Don’t go over the top or you will resent the holiday due to costs or time put into it.  K.I.S.S!  It’s a silly holiday about love.  Love toward your spouse, love toward your children, to your parents, to your inlaws, to whoever you love in your life!  It’s a great reminder in the middle of a very cold winter, to be loving toward one another.  Giving them simple gifts, homemade gifts are the best, and they carry a lot of weight with the time you put behind it.  Even the simple homemade card. 

Take a couple of minutes and review what I have suggested on my blog, as a great food gift.   I recommend the very easy and fast chocolate covered strawberries!  Or you can do that together and make it a fondue night.  Who doesn’t love fondue? 

I realize there are a lot of people going through difficult times right now, which is why I suggest simple and low cost items.  If even finances restrict you from doing anything, at least you can KISS! 

Happy Valentine’s Day with much love to my family and my fans,

Andrea Robson


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