Chocolate demo at YorKitchen

This week, I had the wonderful opportunity to present my chocolate making skills to the public at a brand new kitchen in York, PA.  It is called YorKitchen where they can hold cooking or baking demonstrations at the Central Market, downtown.  I really love this concept because not only will this group be able to promote small businesses like myself, but it also brings performances to you!  Better yet, these demonstrations are FREE!  Yet it still gets better!  YorKitchen is creating a full sized teaching kitchen just behind the performance stage.  There, they will hold cooking classes for a fee, where the attendees can have hands on experience with whatever they are learning.  I have plans to teach out of this kitchen this spring, to adults as well as children, and really look forward to moving that direction!  I love teaching and I am really grateful this kitchen is opening up next month. 

YorKitchen will also provide small business owners the opportunity to cook in their full sized kitchen for a fee, so that you are able to sell your foods to the public.  How great is that??  So feel free to contact them if you are hoping to expand your small cooking business.

Also, if you are looking for some classes for you or your child, I will be teaching chocolate making classes as well as baking classes, in April!  You can contact me directly, at or you can contact YorKitchen, via the link.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy other wonderful performances that they will be providing!  I certainly enjoyed providing the public with some delicious goodies this week!



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