Easter arrangement

Hoppy Easter everyone!  This year I decided to stray from my traditional chocolates (though I will still make them for my daughters of course!)  You’ll be seeing my Easter creations this week and I hope you get some good ideas this year to mix it up a bit.

This Easter arrangement really changes the standards from what we typically see at a flower store.  I pulled this idea from a mommy’s website, who pulled it from “With Gratitude”  in Towson, MD.  I loved the idea and recreated it to carry my flair… whatever that may be.  You can create the arrangement in a smaller vase.  Me?  I went big, and put everything into a trifle bowl.  I used Sweetart Jelly Beans because I enjoy their vibrant flavor as well as their color. I stired in large bubble gum eggs with the jelly beans to give added texture and color.   Added the Peeps into the bowl and a vase in the center to carry the flowers.  (Tip!  Place the vase in the trifle bowl first and decorate around it so you don’t have jelly beans getting caught underneath the vase.)  You can add more to the bowl if you have a large trifle dish like I used.  For the TV segment coming up, I’ll be adding brownies on the bottom to act as “dirt”.

This great and VERY simple arrangment can be added to your dinner table this Easter AND can be enjoyed afterward as well.


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