500 Mile Cake

Last week we took a trip to Charlotte, NC to celebrate my husband’s birthday!  It was a great chance to see our friends and family there, as well as thaw out from the chilly northern air.  I had baked a cake for him at home, as I didn’t plan on going on a journey, and then found out that he surprised ME with the idea of heading down south.  I’m looked at my beautiful spicy chocolate cake (unfrosted) and decided to wrap it up and take it with us on the trip!

What happens when you put a cake in a fully packed car for 10 hours?  Take a wild guess.  🙂

Somehow I managed to salvage the cake!  Good ol’ frosting to the rescue!  That cake was falling apart, cracked and very unattractive! Uh… Happy Birthday sweetie??  I think not!  I used traditional frosting out of the can and carefully mended my homemade chocolate cake back together.

Yay! Happy Birthday sweethart! 

What’s with the polka dots?  As I frosted the cake, lots of chocolate cake kept blending into the frosting, making it very unfinished, so I used frosting paint and decorated the cake to be festive.  I thought it was rather fun that way vs. a standard white frosted cake layer anyway.

Spicy chocolate? Yes!  I made the typical chocolate cake, with  spicy cocoa powder instead of traditional cocoa powder. Easy!



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