No HFCS and sodas!

Last year I participated in a no soda challenge and took it to the next level by eliminating all products that carry High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  Did you ever take a look at how many things carry HFCS?  BBQ sauce, tomato soup, certain breads, jelly, icee pops, and more!  It’s actually quite annoying to see SO many items with it in as one of the main ingredients.  There are so many medical reasons why not to ingest this and I want to make you aware of this too.  I have a friend in Charlotte, NC that has all the details out there for you, if you would like to learn more.

Check out my story on his website HERE.  There you can also navigate around to see more people joining in!  I’m not saying you need to participate, but I challenge you to go through your cabinets at the very least, remove what has HFCS in it and replenish with the products that do not.  For example, look for “Simply Fruit” in the jelly department and compare to other kinds.  My favorite Smuckers brand finally did get on the bandwagon and have created a healthy version.  Heinz ketchup? Yes, they too have the simple ingredients that, in my opinion, should ONLY be the in the bottle.  Nothing else!

If you are taking the challenge, let Bobby DeMuro know that you want to participate.  Heck, let everyone know so you can hold yourself accountable!  Even if you don’t “officially” participate, knowing that you are working on this change is want I would love to hear, so please place your comments below if you like and let the world know you are making a stand against these unhealthy products.

With much love,



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