Chocolate Facial Mask

Happy Mothers Day!!

A chocolate facial? Today I took a different direction and decided that Mothers deserve a little R&R on their special day, therefore, I created a chocolate mask.  Many women love their spa products or like to go out to get the occasional facial at some beautiful day spa.  This is a great recipe so that Mom doesn’t even have to leave the house!  Just make sure she kicks the family OUT of the house, puts some relaxing tunes on, lights some pretty candles and pampers her face.   Perhaps prepare a hot cocoa bubble bath too!  Oohh la la!

The mask is made with Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa, Starbucks Via Instant Coffee, and whole milk.  SUPER simple, and really perfect for a Mother’s Day surprise.  The great thing about this unique gift is that you can package it up and send it to Mom via mail and not worry about the stability of the chocolate in the mail.  Plus, it’s easy on the wallet, and still can give Mom a royal treat!

chocolate facial mask


    • 4 TBSP of Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa
    •  1 packet of Starbucks instant coffee (for one cup of coffee)
    • 3 TBSP of whole milk
    Directions:  Stir all ingredients together until mask is smooth.

(Is this edible? Uhhh unless you like bitter chocolate, I’d suggest you not taste it.  I did, and got a rude awakening!)

chocolate facial maskMy husband looked at me like I was crazy when I told him I would make the mask, because he had a little Halloween horror story about coffee on the face.  So, to prove that the mask would do it’s job and not create irritation or a lingering annoying coffee smell, I had to test it out.  I am grateful for hubby’s input beforehand, because the original recipe carried regular coffee in it.  I used instant instead since it has a superfine quality to it.  Why Starbucks?  I think it’s the best coffee out there, so naturally I had to treat my face to the best as well!  (we Moms need to be pampered once in a while!)

chocolate facial maskI have to say  that I’m a little embarrassed to be putting a picture of me with my face in this state on the web, but I want you all to trust me when I say this recipe is wonderful!  My skin afterward was clean and happy and smooth.  Best part?  The chocolate aroma… Perfect!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

22 thoughts on “Chocolate Facial Mask

  1. Um to make the instant coffee work, do you have to heat up the milk?
    could you also put honey/ sugar there? to exfoliate and stuff?

  2. I just found your blog looking for easy homemade beauty gifts for Christmas this year. I just had one quick question about this one. Would you have to keep it in the refrigerator? I was worried about the milk making it smell bad if it spoiled… Just wondering. I am definitely going to try this though!

    1. Oh yes, being a milk based product, I would keep it refrigerated. I just kept the powdered mix in a jar and only used what was needed to mix with the milk for one use. That way there was no need for refrigeration. Hoe that helps!

  3. The whole family loved this mask (hubby got roped into using it by our 7 year old daughter). Our faces are so smooth and shiny….feels great. Thanks

  4. Has anyone tried using this with 2% or fat free milk? We never purchase whole milk, so I was hoping it would work with 2% or fat free.

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