Bacon and Nutella Napoleons

Are you a true foodie and know what the term “Napoleon” means in the baking world?  If not, please don’t fret, as I had to look up the term myself.  I understood what it meant, but I wanted to see if this dessert falls under the true category of a Napoleon.  What it means is a dessert made of puff pastry filled with pastry cream.  So, you can see I have broken some rules with this dessert.  I think to me it can also mean a light pastry filled with a cream and sometimes layered.  So you see, we have a Napoleon. 🙂  Close enough!

I pulled this recipe from A Spicy Perspective.  I cannot say my pictures look as glamorous as hers, but the dessert that I re-created was quite tasty!  So, I thank the blogger for her wonderful recipe and share it with all of you!  (You should really see her foods on her blog, WOW!)

You can see how simple this recipe is and that’s why I love it so much!!  First of all, who doesn’t love bacon? Secondly, NUTELLA!!


  • Pound cake
  • Nutella
  • Bacon
  • Sea Salt (if desired)

1.  Use cookie cutters on the pound cake.  2. Layer it!  3.  Decorate it if you like with a little sea salt on top.   SO simple and yet so delicious!  I made a batch for a group of gentlemen last night and as petite as the dessert was (fit for a lady!) it’s also fit for them too.  The guys approved and also commented that the bite sized portion was perfect after a big dinner.



8 thoughts on “Bacon and Nutella Napoleons

  1. Wow! If I adopt you for a day, will you make these for me on Father’s day? =) I know some of my twitter friends will like these!! @alanecooke

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