Contest ended! Thank you!

I love a good recipe book giveaway and I’ve got one for you!  Many thanks goes to Debby Maugans of Small-Batch Baking.  I received her books today and I’d love to give one to you.  The giveaway will begin now and then will run for one week.  To enter into the contest, you must submit a comment below with the following information.

  1. What your favorite dessert is to share with a loved one.
  2. What kind of chocolate do you prefer?  Flavors?
  3. What is your favorite recipe on my blog?

A big congratulations goes out to Sarah Mock from !!!  Thank you all for your time you took to complete the questions and I really appreciate your feedback on what you enjoyed out of this blog!


23 thoughts on “Contest ended! Thank you!

  1. My husband and I love to share a creme caramel or tiramisu.

    I prefer milk chocolate.

    One of the recipes that has really stuck with me is from January of this year it is the Baklava.

  2. 1) Cooking Light’s Mocha Fudge Pie – it is so decadent
    2) Milk Chocolate. Add a bit of peanut butter and that makes the chocolate even better!
    3) Irish Cream Cheesecake. I haven’t made it yet, but I definitely want too!

    I’m such a chocolaholic! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness! Perfection! My boyfriend and I love sweets, but we hate to have a million around – I’ll eat them all! So, moderation is awesome. Love it! Thank you for the opportunity!

    lisagoneaussie at

  4. Sorry, lol … let me do better!

    1. Cake, for sure!
    2. I love milk chocolate AND white chocolate!! And, so does my boyfriend!
    3. Chocolate chip cookie (does that make me boring? I think not!)

  5. Fondue!! LOVE to dip strawberries and pretzels.

    I Love European chocolate. Specifically Swiss. The 72 hour conching process is worth the wait.

    I love your chocolate facial. I am thinking of doing a full body mask.

    1. Yes, the Swiss do know how to make amazing chocolate! I’m so glad you liked the chocolate facial posting! You’re my first person to get into that idea. Let me know how the body mask goes if you try it out. Sounds like a good idea to me!

  6. My favorite dessert is apple crisp. It is easy to make, tastes great and makes the house smell amazing! My husband loves to come home to the smell, he knows there’s something good to come. 😉
    I adore dark chocolate!
    Sugar cookies. after much deliberation I would have to say I use your sugar cookie recipe the most. (thanks for sharing btw)

  7. 1. Cake, brownies, truffles…
    2. Dark
    3. The adult peanut butter cup – been meaning to make them. Maybe I’ll make DH some for father’s day.

    1. You’re my kind of girl…. all things chocolate! Let me know what kind of chocolate you go for when you make the peanut butter cups! I used Wilton, but I’d love to try it with a higher end chocolate next time.

  8. What your favorite dessert is to share with a loved one.
    Chocolate Molten Cakes!

    What kind of chocolate do you prefer? Flavors?
    I love my milk chocolate, no matter what anyone says but a 70-80% bar is also lovely.

    What is your favorite recipe on my blog?
    Bacon and Nutella Napoleons, no doubt!

  9. 1. Fresh Rhubarb crunch from the garden…
    2. Dark chocolate, preferably Belgian when we can get it from our friends.
    3. Those Bacon and Nutella Napoleons, but we made them with Kwatta instead of Nutella. It is a European chocolate spread minus the hazelnut flavor, comes in Milk or Dark. We like the dark… But we just ran out of our supply! Waiting on our Belgian friends to visit so we can get more.

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