Faux Hamburgers!

This Memorial Day you can surprise your guests with these petite faux burgers!  They are adorable finger bite treats that the kids and the adults will love.  If you really want to give the kids something to do during the special day, have them create these burgers for everyone.  My four year old daughter was very involved in this project because it was a no-bake item, and it was super simple.

The “roll” was a vanilla wafers, the “burger” was a mini peppermint patty and the “ketchup, mustard, and lettuce” was tinted vanilla frosting.


  • Vanilla wafers
  • Miniature York Peppermint Patties
  • Vanilla frosting (can of frosting works perfectly)
  • Food coloring


In three seperate bowls place some vanilla frosting in each bowl and add food coloring. Red for ketchup, yellow – mustard, and green for lettuce.  Mix until desired colors are created.  (Red takes a lot more food coloring.)  Place the frostings into baggies (put baggie into an open cup so you can just spoon with no mess into baggie.)  Seal bags and cut the tip so that they are ready to pipe onto cookies. Place one vanilla wafer upside down and pipe on the yellow frosting.  Place peppermint patty on top of cookie.  Pipe the red frosting onto patty around the rim (no need to frost the whole patty.) Add a little green here and there around the rim to give the look of the “lettuce” peaking out.  Place vanilla cookie on top and press slightly to squish the cookies together.  Voila!!

Perfect for picnics or any summer event!! 


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