Baking challenge (for YOU!)

Hey everyone!  I typically bake and show to you what to make, but this week, I’d love to challenge YOU to bake something that I have listed on my blog.  We’ll start today and run this challenge through next Friday, June 17th.  Please turn in your recipes by 5pm on that Friday.  I will put them up for Monday, June 20th for everyone to see.  Please take a picture and send it to my email address and a little brief sentence or two.  You can mention:

  1. Why did you chose the dessert?
  2. What did you and your family think of the flavors?
  3. If there was something that you changed or added, what was it?

Rules: You can add/change one or two things, but don’t completely change out the recipe.  You may blog about this on your own blog of course!  Please Tweet or put this challenge out on your Facebook for many to participate in.




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