Your creations!

Last week I ran a baking challenge and it was exciting to see the results come in.  Though not many people participated, it was great to see some of my items recreated in a new fashion!  (For those that didn’t get a chance to participate, I totally understand why!   First, it’s summer, 95 degrees outside, who wants to bake?  Second, we are busy bees with running around and hitting up the pool.  I know, I’m a Mom!)

Thank you ALL who created the baked goods!!  I have really enjoyed seeing the changes made and the new styling done to the food.  Good ideas!

The questions that I had asked the participants of the challenge, were:

  • Why did you chose the dessert?
  • What did you and your family think of the flavors?
  • If there was something that you changed or added, what was it?

Gettin’ Clever with Tina!

First, we have Tina from “Checkin’ Out the Bovine Situation.”  She chose to make Laugenbrotchen, aka: Pretzel Rolls.  I love the fact that she went outside the box and made some of them sweet!  Good idea Tina!  Here are her responses to my questions that I asked.

  1. Why did you chose the dessert? Ha! Because I had the ingredients!
  2. What did you and your family think of the flavors? DH (her husband) said they were good and I ate 1.5 rolls at lunch. I think I prefer the salted ones over the cinnamon sugar ones.
  3. If there was something that you changed or added, what was it? I didn’t have enough bread flour. I used cinnamon sugar on some of them.

I love her humor through this, and how she handled a dilemma with the shortage of bread flour.  Thank you Tina for you adventure of making the pretzel rolls!

Strawberry Surprise from Kim!

Kim from “a little lunch,” dropped a note to me this weekend stating she was sorry that she missed the challenge, but I didn’t let her get away so quickly!  I was so excited to see another friendly face drop in and create something yummy!  Kim decided to surprise her husband with the simple and yet so delicious treat.  The No-Bake Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake dessert!  Only Kim took it to a new level and created her own chocolate waffles (pretty heart shaped too!) instead of buying the pre-packaged kind.  Way to go Kim!!

Her answers to my questions:

What a great summertime dessert!

I like that you can make it quickly — this would be good for “drop in” company.  Unfortunately chocolate waffles are scarce in our small town, so I ended up making my own (using Alton Brown’s Chocolate Waffle recipe from Food Network.)  But it’s still technically “no bake” — I didn’t use the oven!  (I used real whipping cream, too, but that’s just my preference.)

Thanks for the taste treat — my hubby wasn’t expecting dessert tonight (it’s HOT here) but he sure was tickled when I served this!

Spanish Flavor from Angie

Angie chose to make the Tres Leches cake because she and her husband tasted it once at a restaurant and loved it.  So she wanted to know how to make it out of the home too.  This is such a wonderful dessert in the summertime, as it’s so light and coooooold.  Cold cake on a hot summer day, enough said!  I’m going to put her comments below, as she explains everything much better than I am able to do!  Thanks Angie for choosing a dessert that you have good memories with, and don’t mind sharing them too.(btw…you’re right, more chocolate the better!)

My husband, John and daughter, Mikayla love Hot Milk Cake.  John and I have tried Tres Leche cake only once at a Mexican restaurant and we loved it.  So that is how I decided to make Tres Leche.  We all loved the cake (even the dogs!)  It is the perfect dessert on a hot day since it needs to be refrigerated (I would assume because of the milk).  Part of the cake was eaten before I had a chance to make the whipped topping! 🙂
I made the recipe exactly as posted on your blog.  I didn’t add maraschino cherries, but as you can see from the photo I sprinkled (dumped, oops…got a bit too much in the sifter!) some cocoa powder on top on one serving.  I liked the addition of the cocoa since everything is better with the taste of chocolate! 🙂  Also, it was super easy to make, which is always a plus in my book. 
To sum up my baking challenge experience – Tres Leche Cake is wonderful!
Poppin’ Cakes with Susan!
Susan was the one who gave me the idea about this baking challenge.  I haven’t asked her to add comments as to why she chose the cake pops, but I do know that she had several events going on last week, so she made up batches of the delicious cake bites.  Gotta love it!  Thanks Susan for making up the pretty creations!  Glad you had fun!

4 thoughts on “Your creations!

  1. 🙂 These were really good and I will be making them again.

    Now, how did I not see cake pops on your site? Because I made those too. And I’m probably the only person ever that doesn’t care for them. LOL!

    1. No, I don’t like some flavors of the cake pops. I did however really enjoy the red velvet cake with dark chocolate. THAT was amazing. But the vanilla cakes don’t catch my attention. Everyone’s got their tastes that they enjoy!

  2. Andrea, what fun! Thanks for inviting everyone to participate in your baking challenge — you have so many delicious recipes to choose from! Thanks again.
    ~ Kim

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