Vanilla and White Chocolate Ice Cream

A while ago, my friend came up with this simple and very satisfying dessert.  While it could have a easy flavor of white chocolate and vanilla, we gave the flavor a boost with Creme De Cacao drizzled in the dish.  And THAT is what made it amazing… I’m a fan of big flavor, but never too much.  This dessert was perfectly balanced, as the ice cream kept harmony within, (are we talking ice cream or yoga?), the fruit gave a pop in flavor and texture, and the alcohol gave it depth.


  • Vanilla Ice Cream (we used Edy’s Vanilla Bean Slow Churned)
  • White Chocolate
  • Raspberries
  • Creme De Cacao


Prepare the ice cream in advance.

Shave white chocolate, (enough to mix into the preferred amount of ice cream you wish to make.)  Let ice cream warm up so that you can mix in shavings of white chocolate throughout the cream.   Refreeze.


Scoop out desired amount of ice cream, place in raspberries, desired amount of Creme De Cacao (do drizzle small amounts to test flavor first!), and add more white chocolate shavings to the top.

Voila!  Simple and very pleasing to the palate!


9 thoughts on “Vanilla and White Chocolate Ice Cream

  1. I love anything white chocolate! I will definitely have to try this!
    You must try coffee icecream with Irish Cream mixed in! It’s phenomenal!

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