Chocolate Box – Wine

Those of you that know me well, know that my husband and I are wine lovers.  We enjoy wines from all over the world, so there isn’t any specific focus on the regions as a first love.  I would say that we tend to drink wines from California, South Africa, Chile and Australia.  All over the place, right?

One afternoon, Jim brought home this beautiful bottle of wine called “Chocolate Box.”  He is always thinking of me and my work I do here on the blog.  (What a sweet guy!)  I was immediately intrigued by the title and also noticed it’s not a chocolate wine, but a 2008 Sauvignon Blanc.  If you’re wondering about it’s region, this is is an Australian wine from the Eden Valley.  I’m sure you noticed the title of it being a “white chocolate,” but it does not have the flavor of that!  The company titles their wines with witty names that I am sure you enjoy seeing here!  Check out their other wines Duck Duck Goose and Ass Kisser (oh my!)  Makes you want to try them out just on the names alone. 🙂

The taste?  Very light and crisp and perfect for a warm summer day.  It carries a lemongrass flavor to it and has a lot of zip, but yet finishes nicely.  Instead of me paraphrasing what the winemaker said about the wine, I’ll quote the details for you.

The premium fruit for this wine was strictly harvested in the cool hours of night to maintain freshness. Careful attention in the vineyard was taken to ensure just the right time to harvest. Small batches of Sauvignon Blanc are processed at night and must chilled into small bag presses where the fruit is gently pressed, ensuring no excessive extraction occurs. Cool fermentation guidelines are adhered to, maintaining varietal freshness and style.  Goes perfectly with seafood, salads and spicy Asian cuisine.

If you get a chance to taste this wine, I definitely encourage you to do so!



6 thoughts on “Chocolate Box – Wine

  1. Sound wonderful! I love the other names of their wines…very good marketing idea.
    A Maryland winery, St. Michael’s Winery, does make a Chocolate Zin. It is so good and smooth with the perfect amount of chocolate taste.

  2. I love a good Cabernet Sauvignon, but Chocolate Box Sauvignon Blanc sounds intriguing. (No guess why.) 🙂 I agree — a clever name imparts excitement and anticipation. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. When I first moved to Australia I started buying wines based upon tasting notes and recommendations AND they had to have a wacky name. In Australia that’s not a hard thing to find. 🙂

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