The Pillsbury Whoopie Pie

It’s my personal belief that kids really need to learn how to bake from scratch before working with the simple box mixes, so that they understand the flavors, smells, and textures of the food better. But there are days… the lazy days of summer, that I find going with box cakes and cookies is a better fit.  And that definitely applies when baking with kids.

Today we experimented with Pillsbury’s Whoopie Pie Kit.  I had to buy it and try it out!  How simple is this?  Follow their instructions to create the cookies, bake, and decorate!  The kids enjoyed creating these pretty little petite cookies as well as making a huge mess with decorating them up with the frosting and sprinkles.  But, that is the joy of baking with kids!! If you expect them to follow directions all the time, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. 🙂  I think if the kitchen ISN’T messy, then I’m not teaching them… I’m doing the work myself. 

Oh, the taste?  Yes, these are terrific in that they are LIGHT in texture.  No heavy cookies for little tummies and it’s a great winning combination.

So, thank you Pillsbury for the wonderful simple little kits!!  Thumbs up!


9 thoughts on “The Pillsbury Whoopie Pie

  1. How fun! I haven’t seen this in the grocery stores. We love Whoppie Pies and usually buy one or two when we go to the Farmer’s Market (love the bakery stands at the market)! I’ve made them from scratch once, but it a bit of work and haven’t made them again. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey Ang, I have never tried to make them from scratch, so good for you for doing so! I LOVED the whoopie pies from Brown’s up in PA… pumpkin whoopies are the best. But I never needed more than one to eat, so I suppose that’s why I never made them. However, this easy kit is great. Less time and not a heavy cake either. Perfect! OH, btw… I picked up the box at Walmart, maybe try there?

  2. You know I hadn’t even heard of Whoopie pies until I started blogging earlier this year? And I’m still wary of trying to make them. I don’t think they have the box sets in the UK or Australia, but if they did I think this would be a good way to ease me in to it!

    1. I hope that they have it come out for you over there! It’s really a great way to try it out. The other option is to create a light cookie with regular cake mix and put frosting in the middle. That’s essentially what it is in the kit. 🙂

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