Love a good charity program?

There is SO many wonderful ways to give back this Christmas season.  I intend to take my children to some locations that open up their eyes to the world around them.  We have been through our fair share of ups and downs, and living on food stamps a while ago had definitely helped them understand how things can be so easily changed against our own control.  We got to show the kids that God is in control, not us.  We NOW get to show them how God works through us, as we give back this season.

If you need some ideas aside from the big charity programs that currently run, I’d like to direct you to local programs that are near and dear to my heart.

The Charlotte Moms is doing a charity drive to collect donations that will go to Thompson Family & Focus.  Items needed are listed on the picture below.


Another great event that is just around the corner is held at Cafe 157 in Matthews, NC.  They are hosting a cool charity consignment sale.  Entrance fee is $5 which goes toward a glass of wine (or well liquor).  Not bad!!  Details are as follows:

Charity Consignment Sale at Café 157

Saturday, Dec 03 (2:30pm – 4:30pm)


Join us for this special event to benefit the “LITTLE RED STOCKING FUND” (provides home for children in crisis)

Purchase a $5 ticket at door, redeemable for glass of wine or well liquor

Sale items include jewelry, bar ware, home décor, gift items and more

(Cash preferred, credit card charges available for purchase $50 or more)

We plan to have a really fun time!!

Can’t make that event at Cafe 157? They have a drive running too!

Holiday Toys Collection

Between now till Dec 15, 2011

Bring a new unwrapped toy, you will receive a Café 157 complimentary appetizer coupon (no purchase necessary)

All toys will be donated to Matthews HELP Center

I pray that you all give your time dedicating it toward helping others, as well as creating some new relationships this season.  I would love to hear you share some stories of what you plan do differently this Christmas season!

God Bless!


One thought on “Love a good charity program?

  1. Andrea, this is so neat, reading a post about “giving” so early in the season. There’s so much need and your heart is in the right place — a good reminder for us to bless others, and some great opportunities to do it!

    When you mentioned being on Food Stamps… once a very long time ago, I was flat broke and had to rely on them for a month or two to feed my kids. I remember some of the disgusted looks I got at the grocery check-out counter and I vowed never to be impatient with someone ahead of me who was trying to check-out using Food Stamps. You never know when it might be YOU. So my suggestion is to dispense “kindness” — a smile, some extra patience, and a compassionate attitude toward those less fortunate when you’re out shopping this season. It doesn’t cost a thing to lighten someone else’s burden. Merry Christmas early! 🙂

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