ReCharge Snacks and my twist!

ReCharge SnacksChristmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! Please to put a penny in the ol’ man’s hat… Do you know that song?  Or, am I now dating myself?  Anyway, Christmas IS coming and I love to create lots of wonderful goodies during the season.  Something about the chill in the air, the beautiful music, and the smells of cinnamon, that stirs me to get in that kitchen!  I don’t have the opportunity to work with chocolate that often when it’s too warm outside, so when the temperature drops like it did today, I am super happy to melt chocolate and create tasty treats once again!

Last week I received a few samples of ReCharge snacks from Tropical Foods, thanks to the referral of MommyB Knows Best!  The first thing my husband noticed was the choice of ingredients.  Tasty and not loaded down with traditional snacks bites.  Better yet?  All three samples contained dark chocolate bites throughout.  Sign. Me. Up.  Well, scratch that.  Sign my kids up.  They devoured all of the chocolate – sneaky kids that they are… so I was let with the snacks, HA!

So, here’s the skinny on my take of the snacks (BEFORE my kids ate the chocolate out of them):

  • Super Charged Cranberry Blend – excellent and by far the best in vibrant flavor.
  • Chia Recharged Stix Mix – Not favored by my family. I liked the concept (so wait until you see what I did to change this!)
  • Dark Chocolate Boost Energy – I loved it, but my family did not. You better love coffee to eat this, which I do! But my family does not.

You wanted the truth, right?  I did however make great use of the Chia snack.  What? Did you think I would toss it out?  No… I melted dark chocolate down and chopped up the snack mix and blended the two together!  Now THAT made a huge difference in the flavor, and it made for a wonderful dark chocolate bark.  Perfect for Christmas!!

Chia ReCharge Stix MixChia Stix Mix in Chocolate Bark

Disclosure: I received products from Tropical Foods in order to complete this honest review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own thoughts, however yours may vary.


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