Snowmen Cookies (Easy!)

SnowmenThe other day, I spied these adorable snowman creations from The Brown Eyed Baker.  I am always inspired by her work, so I thought I’d try my hand at them.  Once I got started on the project, I realized that, 1. I don’t have a steady hand like she does, and 2.  I should have melted the chocolate over a double boiler or a chocolate warmer rather than using the microwave.  Also, I realized that I wanted the kids to be participating, so I needed to simplify the technique to be at their level. (Plus it uses less chocolate, which is always a bonus as a parent!)  So here’s what you need to do…


  • Nutter Butter Cookies
  • White Chocolate
  • Black frosting with a pinpoint tip (cut the tip of a baggie – the very tip, not a huge hole)
  • Orange Tic Tacs
  • M&M’s


Dip just one side of the Nutter Butter cookie and smooth over the chocolate imperfections if you wish.  Add M&M’s as buttons and 1/2 an orange Tic Tac.  Let cool in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then remove.  Add on the face with the black frosting.

Oh and the hats?  Yea. that’s just the power of photo editing, thank you Picnik!



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