My wreath making season

Living wreathsTraditions run strong in our family, and wreath making has never left my side.  I was a little girl when I learned how to make homemade living wreaths.  My Dad taught me, using Hemlock tree material (very forgiving on the hands – just sappy), how to wrap the greens tightly onto the wire frame.  While it’s not difficult to do, it’s painstakingly a long process, per wreath.  I have narrowed it down to about 1 hour per wreath, start to finish, including adding the decorations.  Wrapping the green boughs onto the frame, easy!  Cutting the boughs, on the other hand takes a bit of time and thought.  None of this bothers me while I’m in process of doing the job, just my back complains.  Thankfully this year, I have a chiropractor which has helped alleviate the upper back pain from too much leaning. Yay! (Yes, that was a plug, but I can’t stress how great chiropractors are when things aren’t in line!)   Best part this year, the weather.  It’s been perfect for creating wreaths.  The warm temperatures helped to keep my hands comfortable, and the mess stayed outside this year.  Small blessings…

Back on topic!  This year, I had a LOT of fun creating some great themes.

Mom's wreaths
Mom's wreaths
  •  My house has a traditional green and red theme with ball ornaments.
  • My Mom choose to go with a Williamsburg theme, in which I placed apples in the wreath.  This was the the most difficult wreath I had to wrap, but the results were gorgeous.  Yes, the apples are real and they do rot (with all the warm weather here in the south!)  So she just rips out the old apples and puts new ones in.
  • My Sister wanted a blues theme because it’s her fiance’s favorite color.  (How sweet of her!)
  • Kelly liked tradition with colors so that’s what I worked with and I was proud of this arrangement.
  • Ashley, well this one I had fun with.  She said to do anything that’s glittery and festive.  I choose a Southern theme with lots of gold.  You can see the Magnolia stems  with gold edges and gold ornaments throughout, complete with a gold bow. My pride and joy wreath of all wreaths I’ve ever made.  Ashley, we were all jealous when we saw your pretty wreath!! 😀
  • My neighbor wanted one to with a touch of whimsy on theirs.  They brought over the decorations and I set up shop!  By far the easiest wreath I made b/c I didn’t have to create the bow.  Thanks for saving me the time neighbors!! (It truly did help!)

So, next year, if you are interested in wreaths, come check me out!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!


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