Superbowl Sunday – Easy and Tasty Snacks!

I am a Steelers fan.  Most of you know that, but for those that don’t, now you do. 🙂  I was saddened to see my team not make it to the final game, but I am fine with it.  The teams that climbed to the top were amazing and earned their position.  If only the Steelers would have called “heads” on the overtime.  What if??

Oh right, back to what IS.  I recently taught a class for a few wonderful ladies and their very fun children, some pretty tasty Superbowl snacks.  We all think of the usual, pizza, chips and salsa, chicken wings, etc.  I decided because there were kids involved AND because I like variety and a touch of healthy spice too, I decided to present new ideas to the class.  And YOU now have the privilege to learn the items that I taught.

  • Pepperoni Pizza Puffs – a great way to reinvent pizza, and wonderful to make ahead of time.
  • Asparagus in a Blanket – a healthier alternative to hot dogs (or the mini dogs).
  • Basil and Corn Salsa – super healthy and lots of flavor (great for those who don’t love heat)
  • Patriotic S’mores – colorful, healthier alternative to the traditional s’more (fun for a party)

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs are SUPER simple and were pulled from Kirbie Cravings.  I liked the recipe because it was SO easy for anyone to create, you could substitute the flour and baking powder for Bisquick if you wanted, and there are so many ways to make it your own style.  Like Hawaiian pizza? Add ham and pineapple instead of pepperoni.  Love basil? Add it!  The sky is the limit and these little babies are perfect for popping.  We added pizza sauce on the side to dip them in and everyone loved the addition!

Asparagus in a Blanket are so much friendlier to the heart and packs a great punch.  We added seasonings and dipped them in pizza sauce as well for more flavor.  Recipe was pulled from Disney –

Corn and Basil Dip was a big crowd pleaser.  I’m a basil fanatic and found this recipe to be such a zesty alternative to the traditional tomato based salsas.  When we made the batch, the bowl was completely devoured.  I know that this will be enjoyed by your guests as well for the big day!  Thank you Julia from Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Girl’s Body for the wonderful idea!

Patriotic S’mores was something I had done last May, and I found dessert a perfect addition to add to a party.  Set up a station for it, as the marshmallow will melt if you try to prep beforehand.  It’s more fun for guests to design their own s’mores this way anyway!  Plus you will moderate how much you eat.  Personally, though, I could keep eating them.  The kids REALLY enjoyed creating these, and it was fun to see their faces covered in Nutella!  Check out MY recipe for this one!

Forgive me for not having photos this time – but I do my best to not borrow photos without asking, and I don’t believe in taking pictures while I teach.  Many thanks!

Who are you cheering for this Sunday?


2 thoughts on “Superbowl Sunday – Easy and Tasty Snacks!

  1. So glad you liked the corn and basil dip!! I can’t say I’m cheering for anyone… the only football game we watch all year is the SuperBowl. And by ‘watch’ I mean we get tons of food, pig out, and pretend like we’re cheering for someone.

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