Anniversary Party in the Queen City

Most of you know that I also write for The Charlotte Moms website for their food and beverage column.  Today was a very special day, as we celebrated our one year anniversary!!  We had many wonderful contributions of items donated for our swag bags, giveaways, and tasty treats!  We truly felt blessed today seeing such amazing support from all areas of Charlotte, including Chick Fil A (Cotswold), where we held our event at.The Charlotte Moms

TCM displayBut I know what you all want to know… what did we eat?  Let’s talk food already!  We had a beautiful assortment of food items.  Of course, there were Chick Fil A nuggets and little mini sandwiches.  And they sure were yummy… who doesn’t love their chicken?  For desserts, Tropical Foods donated some beautifully dipped chocolate covered strawberries, candies and popcorn cakes.  I am a sucker for chocolate and have to admit I like the popcorn cakes.  The sweet and salty combination gets me every time.  Along with those items was an incredible almond flavored cake, so sheer white, delicate like a wedding cake supplied to us from Nona’s Sweets.

There was also an eye catching cake stand holder that was decorated with piped on roses and cake pops all throughout the holder.  This amazing display that was put on by Sky’s the Limit Custom Cakes, was well done in that we knew the flavors of cake pop according to a sprinkle color chart.  (Green and white sprinkles were for mint chocolate cakes, etc.)  Clever!

CupcrazedAnd finally, the beautiful mini cupcakes… These beauties were donated by two local vendors in the Charlotte area.  The ones on the left with the pink and purple tops were created from Cakes by Meredith, and they were super yummy!!  Cupcrazed had also had donated her wonderful cupcakes to the event.  Just look at the clever tops she put on them!  Crowns!!  (Our logo!)  She always pays attention to details, and has some pretty amazing flavored cupcakes that keep my family coming back to her store.

Thank you everyone for all of your contributions.  I must say that everything tasted delicious, and The Charlotte Moms were so thankful for your support today!

Eat cake, and be merry!


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