A Sweet Tooth Wonderland

Sweet Tooth Festival

Charlotte Sweet Tooth Festival 2012

This weekend, I had a blissful afternoon, shared with many other sweet tooth fanatics, at Charlotte’s very first Sweet Tooth Festival!  OH happy day!  It was amazing to see so many vendors showing off their beautiful confections to the public, all under one roof.  Truly, it doesn’t get any better than that.  (Well… hanging out at a beach with a cocktail in hand, and the kids splashing in the water might top that… but now we’re comparing apples to oranges; or maybe a whole fruit basket!)

What was this event all about?  No, it wasn’t some yuppy stuffy group of people all dining in their fine clothes. (Although, that can be fun at times.) HA!  Everyone was hanging out in comfortable clothes, chowin’ on sweets!!  And why?  This is the best part!  A portion of the proceeds went to support the Joe Martin ALS Foundation.  So, yesterday, we ate for a cause.  Darn… tough job!  But someone has to do it!

I know what you are going to ask me first.  Did I have a favorite vendor?  Truthfully, I am biased and have a couple of favorites; and seeing them at the festival, I felt complete assurance that I was going to love what I was about to sample.  I was right.  My favorite vendors, to this day remain tops on my list.  You have to read the rest to catch my favs!

Who was there?

WHEW!!! What a list, and it’s a good darn thing that I had been given a “goodie box.”  They definitely prepared for us to eat everything, but thankfully, not all at one time.

OK…. ok. My favorites:

Secret ChocolatierSince I am a chocolate lover, NATURALLY I went straight for The Secret Chocolatier.  They had a super smooth chocolate mousse that just melted in the mouth, as well as a vanilla bean truffle to top it off.  Have you tried their truffles from their store yet?  If not, you are truly missing out on chocolate perfection.

Cupcrazed has always been near and dear to my heart before Heather even had her shop.  This lady can cook a mean cupcake!  Did Cupcrazedyou know she recently won on Cupcake wars?? How cool!  Now I personally know a celebrity!  Truthfully, I don’t get hung up on celebs, as they are people too, and tie their shoes just like I do.  🙂  Heather is crazy about baking, and I love that about her.  She’s always creating some pretty amazing flavors that just “wow” the customers.  Have you heard about the “Firefly Cupcake?”  Yea… ask her!

Cakes By MeredithI really enjoyed Cakes By Meredith!! My sister (who had the fortune to sample my take-home samples) said her cupcake was by far the best.  I had to agree it was pretty incredible!  Meredith, you are on your way, lady! Your cakes truly pop in flavor and I was having a hard time deciding which one I wanted to sample!

Delightful Decadence is the final favorite sweet tooth maker on my list.  Why?  These amazing ladies took Delightful Decadencebaking to a unique style and created everything in mini size portions.  Perfect for a bite and go!  They stood out because they didn’t make cupcakes!  (I love all of you cupcake makers!! I DO!!)  These ladies are about to graduate and are already hitting the road with fantastic desserts.  I had the Bananas Foster… I want more.  Right now.  Ladies, I look forward to seeing how your business takes off the next year! You can reach them via Twitter on @dddesserts1, or contact them email at: dddesserts1@gmail.com

As for all of the other vendors?

Suzi Skinny Cakes had a cool concept of using vegetables to hold together the cakes to keep the calories down and keep the cake healthy.  Flavor?  Nothing missing!  It was ALL good.Suzi Skinny Cakes

The Southern Gourmet had this impressive Thyme Cupcake.  I think they could have infused more thyme in the cake itself, but I’m a strong flavor kind of gal.  The combination was really well balanced in the cupcake.

FuManChu Cupcakes had some seriously zesty cakes at their display! I liked this group, as they were a bit unorthodox in the cake making world. I opted for the blueberry cupcake and it reminded me of a muffin only sweeter!  Check them out online and see the crazy awesome concoctions they have come up with!FuManCHu

Lastly, Hot Sugar Confections… think of this: Ginger Bourbon Cupcakes.  Need I say more?  A tad bit sweet for me, but their concept of their cupcakes have hit my radar!  I love what they are doing, and can’t wait what else they have on their creation list!! Ladies, you did an excellent job!!Hot Sugar Confections

The entire show was a big success, and I can tell that everyone enjoyed the variety of confections that were available to sample.  Everything was just beautiful, including the choice of location – Blacklion on Park Rd.  What better way to finish eating some sweets, then to have visual beauty of crafty and creative vendors in the shops of the store itself.  I am already looking forward to next year’s affair!

*Image courtesy of Sweet Tooth Festival


4 thoughts on “A Sweet Tooth Wonderland

  1. Wonderful write up on The Sweet Tooth Festival. I had wanted to go but they sold out before we bought tickets.
    I’ve really been wanting to try FuManChu Cupcakes. They sound really interesting and different.
    Love Cupcrazed! It’s one of the best things about living in Fort Mill! I’ve never met Heather before but think she is an absolute genius. I don’t know how one person can be so creative.
    Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Hi Christin! Thanks for checking out my site! I have met Heather at a Tweetup bake-off before she opened her shop. She is SO creative, like you said! And it’s not just the look of the cupcakes that I love, the taste matches up to the beauty of them. I loved FuManChu cupcakes, such crazy awesome flavor!

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