Thing One and Thing Two…

Thing One and Thing Two“I will pick up the hook. You will see something new.  Two things.  And I call them Thing One and Thing Two.  These Things will not bite you.  They want to have fun.”

“Then, out of the box Came Thing Two and Thing One!” ~The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss

I have seen some creative and playful food ideas that tie in with Thing One and Thing Two.  I’ve seen cupcakes with frosting piled way way way high.  And some with blue cotton candy, reaching high in the sky.  So what did I do to create similar fun? I made my very own Thing Two and Thing One.

And now… back to regular programming.  🙂


Thing One and Thing Two

  • Wilton candy melts (Blue, Red and White)
  • Vanilla Oreo Cookies
  • Baggies or pastry bag for piping


Thing One and Thing Two are dipped Oreo cookies, the vanilla cookie variety.  I dipped the one side into red chocolate (Wilton candy melts) and let them chill in the freezer until solid.  Next I dipped the top into white chocolate and piped on white chocolate to give a good base for the final layer.  Chill in the freezer so the chocolate is stable.  Complete the crazy blue hair with blue chocolate (Wilton candy melts) by piping on the top in swirls until piled high.  Chill one final time in the freezer to set Thing One and Thing Two up.

These bad boys are definitely fitting for their playful personality and ruckus that they caused in the book!

“That is That!”Thing One and Thing Two



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