Charlotte’s Taste of the Nation

This past Wednesday, I had an incredible opportunity to see Taste of the Nation – Charlotte, in full action.  This wonderful event is one of the several chapters tied to the main foundation, Share Our Strength.  When there, I had met up with several foodie friends IN REAL LIFE.  You see, we writers get caught behind a computer screen all too often or behind the scenes via Twitter and other social networking programs.  Top it off with being a parent… you get the idea.

Taste of the Nation Charlotte


So how was this event?  It was really amazing.  Seeing so many people supporting a great cause was worth it alone.  I went around and snapped pictures before I dove in to try the food.  Yes, I know, you must think that I’m crazy, but it’s wise to take pictures first and eat later.  Proof? The one time I tried to hold both the camera and a sample of soup…Let’s just say that I nearly spilled the soup all over the back of the camera.  Lesson be learned!

Taste of the Nation Charlotte

The event went off without a hitch!  VIP hour began at 6pm, and it was already off to the races with trying all of the food and lovely libations.  No shortage of wine, I assure you!  If I didn’t have to drive, I would have been eager to taste some myself!  I savored a glass of champagne from the VIP room and the food to go with it.  If you are a wine connoisseur, this is event you would have enjoyed.  The variety of wines that you can sample… uh, more like DRINK, was amazing.  Not a wine drinker?  PLENTY of other options from the entertaining mixologists!

Taste of the Nation Charlotte

I know what you’re asking… How was the food? And which restaurant was my favorite?  OK, so I loved a LOT of items that were served, but I do have a favorite.  Not from a restaurant!  Our very well loved culinary school – Johnson & Wales!  They had served a fresh tuna dish with a savory glaze on the plate and greens.  YUM!  Thinking about it, I wish I had some more right about now.  Another fare that I enjoyed, Georges Brassiere’s salmon dish; light and delicate and very delicious.  Enso had Wagyu Tacos that were out-of-this-world very creative and full of flavor.  Definitely a place I need to hit one day soon with my husband.  (Hear that Hub?)

Taste of the Nation Charlotte

Lastly, the event had many wonderful donations for the silent auction.  I didn’t stick around to see the winners, but I did see the items up for bid.  If you didn’t have a chance to support this foundation this year, definitely plan for next!  The donations were very generous and the monies raised all went toward a GREAT cause!  Did any of you see the auction take place?  I was thoroughly amused with this because who can resist watching Bea Thompson at the event?  She was a hoot!  Not to mention a great spokesperson for the event itself.

Taste of the Nation Charlotte

Thank you all who were able to attend and support Taste of the Nation – Charlotte 2012!  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I had!



6 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Taste of the Nation

  1. A worthy cause and food (and drink) that looked more than worthy! Thanks for taking the time to photograph it all — glad you averted a soup-soaked camera! 🙂

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