Snackle Mouth Granola

Snackle mouth

Recently, I had a company contact me to taste their granola and review it.  I’m an honest reviewer, as I believe both the company and the consumer would want  this, rather than all “good reviews.”  Does this hold me back from having companies allow me to review?  Possibly?  But, it’s worth it in my experience…

So, what’s my take on Snackle Mouth Granola?  First things first, let me start with what they create as a company. Based out of Boulder, Colorado, the company focuses on super healthy granola.  The granola is more of a nut cluster rather than loose.  They create different variety of flavors, and, since I’m a chocolate person, they sent me their newest, Salty Chocolate variety.   (Happy dance!)  Healthy?  Yes!

Ingredients as listed on box

  • Almonds
  • Organic Blue Agave
  • Chocolate
  • Oats
  • Oat Bran
  • Cashews
  • Brown Rice Syrup
  • Canola Oil
  • Sea Salt

All beautiful ingredients!  So how did it taste?  Ok, first bite, I must admit was a put off to me, but not because of the flavor.  I suppose I’m a sensitive biting person.  I don’t mind crunchy things, but MAN these are hard to eat.  I do advise to not give to children under the age of 5…  It’s hard on my adult teeth, and I naturally worry, as a parent, about the choking factor since they are difficult to break down.

ASIDE from that… I will say, after getting used to the big clusters, they are addicting.  Especially that chocolate that they snuck in the granola. 🙂  My husband fell in love with this product on first bite!  When we sampled it, I said to him, “this is a MAN’S granola!”  He hoarded the boxes away, (after I took pictures of course!) and staked a claim on the snacks.  So much so that now he wants to order more!

Snackle Mouth

I will tell you a little secret however… I found that if I let them sit in the air a bit, they get soft-ish and much easier on the teeth.  So, if you have trouble eating this granola, don’t throw it out!  It just needs to air out a bit and then try again.  Plus, I think the flavors came out more once exposed and “warmed up.”  Reminded me of a fine red wine… let it breath.

Thank you to the 3 John’s that allowed me to review your product!  My husband was super happy about this granola, especially since he love almonds so much.    And I do appreciate being given a chance to taste the new variety of granola!

To the consumers… there are other varieties, NOT listed on the website as well as some that are:

  • Salty Chocolate
  • Bacon Maple
  • Peanut Cranberry
  • Almond Berry
  • Almond Pecan Maple

I hope you give them a try!  They can be ordered online, as well as distributed in certain locations in the USA.

Disclaimer:  Snackle Mouth sent me samples of their product for this review.  The opinions are mine.  Are they yours? Nope! 


3 thoughts on “Snackle Mouth Granola

  1. I do agree with what you say,there are several ones out there ,some are bland,some are soggy.And some times the fruit that they put into them is to rubbery.I think that it’s the preservative that they put into the fruit.
    So yes always check them out with little tasters if possible .
    Kind Regards
    David Head

  2. Thanks for the review and honest critique! This was actually our first production run of Salty Chocolate Snackle Mouth and we’re currently in the process of re-formulating our recipe to better the texture of this particular flavor. We hope you’ll try our next release in the near future!

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