Foster Farms: Whole Grain Corn Dog

Foster Farms Corn Dog
What do you think when you eat a corn dog?  I think, “Don’t tell me about the calories or what it’s made with, please!”  So, I was intrigued when Foster Farms contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing a taste test to see what my family thought of the flavor of the new variety of corn dog.  They are working hard to promote the new healthy corn dog, not to benefit the masses, but for the schools across the nation.  As you parents know, there are food requirements to classify under certain food groups, and I find it simply amazing how certain things comply. (pizza, the measly amount sauce counts as a veggie?)  To not go on that tirade, I will provide you the good news and why you might want to suggest to your local school groups about the new Foster Farms Corn Dog.

I’m not going to be a walking advertisement, I promise.  Remember, I’m a fair and honest reviewer, ok?  So, what’s the deal?  How is this healthy, and how does it taste?  Their new Whole Grain Chicken Corn Dog, packs a great flavor, and it’s not lacking in any direction if you ask me.  Right on their packaging, you can see the benefits:

  • Lower Calories than the school pizza
  • Lower Sodium
  • Low Carbs
  • Lower Total Fat
  • Healthy amounts of Fiber
  • Healthy amount of Protein

Foster Farms Corn Dogs
Don’t believe me? Check it out here.  I wouldn’t lie to ya!  So, the real verdict is what did my kids think, because this IS for schools, not us.  The kids loved them.   They pretty much devoured them rather than nibbling carefully.  There is no question that they would eat this if it was supplied in their school.

So there you have it!  Get the word out to your local schools and get some healthier food varieties fed to your children.  Well, there I go again… sounding like an advertisement.  Sorry for that, but I must rave about them! (ok, yes I stole several bites of their corn dogs – I couldn’t resist.  Guess I’m a child at heart!)

Foster Farms Corndog



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