Mosaic Lollipops

mosaic lollipop

A couple of weeks ago, I had a group of children taking a class from myself and a good friend of mine and wonderful artist, Shelley.  We hold a dual class together promoting both cooking and creative arts to children. (If you are saying, “hey, where do I send my kids for that?! Contact me… my info is held here.)
Mosaics with Miss Shelley
So last session, we did works with mosaics.  The kids had a chance to do beginner mosaics using paints, glass stones and wood frames or butterflies; and how beautiful their works were!  Then they had a chance to create mosaic lollipops.  What was really interesting about these lollys is that no one pop looks the same, no matter how hard you try!  Creative minds, children have… I showed them 3 different styles of making the lollipops and they took it from there.

Best part about this project is the smashing part.  🙂  The kids each enjoyed taking a turn smashing up the lifesavers into small bits.  Then they assembled them within a cookie cutter, or wrapped them in parchment paper, or set them up in full lifesaver on parchment paper (like a flower).

I thought they were a flop, (we pulled them out of the cookie cutter, they didn’t hold their shape and melted down….)  We let them cool and the kids sighed at the disappointment of their pieces turning into a blob.  As an instructor, I just shrug it off, and say everything is a learning experience.  Even I enjoy taking a risk and experiment within a class, and the kids love it too!   (Risk to them is fun!)  So, they pressed through making different varieties.

And guess what?  The ones that turned out like blobs?  Yea, they were incredible!  I held them up to the window and the kids eyes lit up with joy, finally seeing the finished project.  Their works were masterpieces, and they did it all by themselves.  Joyful eyes, and better yet?  Tastebuds too. 🙂  They tasted their works and enjoyed.

Got a rainy day?  Try this out with your children.  You won’t disappoint!

Items needed:

  • Multipack of Lifesavers (different colors)
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Parchment paper
  • Cookie cutters
  • Baking sheet (lined with foil)
  • Cooking spray
  • Rolling pin
  • Baggie
  • Cutting board

Place lifesavers in a baggie and seal it up tight.  Place bag on cutting board and with rolling pin, bash up the lifesavers to the size you desire.  If you smash to dust, you won’t get a nice glassy effect – so keep it in small bits or larger.  Set aside.  Line baking sheet with foil to protect any candy runs (really difficult to cleanup if you go direct onto the baking sheet.)  Spray sheet lightly with cooking spray.

Ideas to shape your lollipops:

  • Flower – with full lifesavers, place candy in a circle directly on foil, sprinkle a little candy bits in the center.
  • Mosaic shapes – take parchment paper, place candy bits in center and fold up the sheet around it.  Don’t worry about the sheet not folding tight.  Just want the candy to take some shape.
  • Cookie cutter – Place metal cookie cutter on baking sheet and sprinkle candy bits inside.  Don’t stack up candy, as it makes melting less defined when removing cutter.  Cutter stays on the sheet while baking.  Remove cutter immediately after baking.

OVEN SET TO 300 degrees.

BAKING TAKES ONLY A FEW MINUTES>>> Please watch the entire time to get an idea of cook time for your oven.  Trust me… burning the candy is no fun for anyone and really smells up the kitchen. 🙂

Lastly, when candy is gooey, quickly add in lollipop stick!


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