I challenge you Charlotte chocolatiers and bakeries  to a dual (with each other).  Who has the BEST chocolate covered brownie?  Enrobed, drizzled, give me your best! If you would like to participate, please contact me and I will put all of your information on my site, complete with pictures and your company information(logo if you want to promote!)  On August 1st, myself and 4 other judges will taste and write down on scorecards, the scores as well as any thoughts/comments.  The winner will receive free promotional space on my site (which if you haven’t noticed, I don’t typically advertise) for one month.

I do have high hopes to hear from some specific chocolatiers (hint hint!) as well as bakeries, and if you know of any others (home businesses too) please pass this challenge along to them!  This is strictly for businesses at this time, and trust me, I will have an amateur bake-off sometime this fall for everyone else.

For participants:

Please email me your company information and a way to contact you to arrange a meetup time for me to up the brownies.

Andrea Robson (andrea @ chocolatebottle .com)

If you would like to be one of the lucky judges, contact me as well!  I will need 4 foodies!!  


  1. The Secret Chocolatier
  2. Think Chocolate


  1. Andrea (The Chocolate Bottle)
  2. Mary (Fervent Foodie)
  3. Michael (MichaelJWrites)
  4. Brittany (Life in a Holding Pattern)
  5. Scott (Media Emerging)


Disclaimer: I will not be participating in the challenge since I will be a judge!


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