It’s almost time for…

Hey all!  I hope you have been having a fabulous summer, as we have been.  The kids have enjoyed swimming in our pool, the neighborhood pool and the YMCA pool as well.  Let’s just say we get our fair share of pool time…  On top of pool time, my sister got married in the Caribbean, I took a family vacation in Hilton Head, SC afterward (tough life, I know…), and I have spent a few weeks teaching some really cool kids how to cook at the YMCA as well as my own business – CLT Cooks.  Thankfully late August has rolled around and my head switched gears and I started thinking about school again for the kids.  I have a new job lined up with a private school to teach cooking to some amazing high school students, am looking forward continuing cooking classes with the Y, and will continue my own ventures that should be pretty amazing.  Change in some of my past experiences have been difficult, but all have been good in the end.  I’m feeling blessed with this new journey to come…

Be ready to see my posts again starting this week!  I have some fun reviews in store for you as well as good recipes coming up!

See you soon!!


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