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yume blush

When I think of spa products, I think top quality ingredients, natural, and something that smells delicious to the senses when applied.  Anything less is not worth my time.  Why?  Not because I’m a spa snob, on the contrary! Because I never treat myself, so in the rare times that I do actually buy a spa item (face mask, etc.)  I want it to be a luxury.  Just for a brief moment in time… So when Yumé Blush contacted me to do a review, I was a bit skeptical, as I. AM. PICKY.  Nothing wrong with wanting the best?  So, I checked out the many reviews that there are online, and found people are more than happy with the Body Chiffon.  And there is a reason for that. 🙂

So what IS Yumé Blush?

A Luscious Edible Treatment (All in One) Flavored Body Butter, Massage Oil, Body Cream and Lip Care

Yes, that is a fair enough description; tasteful description, in fact!  I will be honest, when I saw their website, I was thinking, “is this some kinky lotion?”  I was very happy to see I was wrong.  It “could” be that if you want, but seriously, this is grade A body chiffon.   (Not some sort of lube!)

The fun part about this chiffon is that it tastes great due to the real ingredients!  Also, the packaging is not some bottle oozing with tackiness… it is dark blue, and very unassuming.  Lastly, it serves more purposes than what your head is thinking about right now.  (Get your head out of the gutter!)  If you are solo, you can use this for everyday use on your skin and lips as well.  It doesn’t carry a greasy feel afterwards, rather, just blends in with the skin beautifully.  I saw one person said it was like a cloud, and that’s an accurate description, as the chiffon is light and airy just like a cloud looks!

Skeptical?  I was, and then researched the ingredients, and this is the big selling point, especially for people with allergies to lotions.  It is 100% Natural, 100% Vegan.  No artificial or synthetic products within.

Soooo, I (we!) had to test this out.  And without sharing too many details (Ahem…), my skin was very happy with the lotions.  I had a few samples provided in different variety of flavors.  Some I enjoyed more than others, BUT to each their own!  You gotta find what you love.  And honestly, there wasn’t one that I didn’t like.

Check out their many flavors here!  Oh, and if you want a custom flavor?  They do that too!

I know, I know…. you want details.  Dirty minds… Ok, the flavors they provided to me to sample were:

  • Apple Raspberry
  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Chocolate Coconut
  • Lavender Lemon

My favorite?  I bet you’re guessing it was chocolate.  Well, surprisingly enough, I was in love with the lavender lemon, and so was my Hubby.  BUT… I will say the chocolate varieties were outstanding.  Reminded us of candy bars… especially the chocolate coconut.  (Think, Mounds or Almond Joy!) Yum!  We both liked the apple raspberry, but I think that is more suited for lips in general rather than for other affairs.

That’s ALL the details you will get from me!

WHERE CAN YOU BUY THIS?  Aside from online, Whole Foods also sells their items!

“Ok, shut up already and tell me about the giveaway offer!!”

I bet ya’ll scrolled down and skipped all my chatter… but you are missing the details!  LOL Go read, it’s an easy fun read.

Yume Blush is offering a chance to win a special custom flavor of your choice!

To enter you must complete one or more of the following items below.  For each one you participate in, comment below to add an extra entry.  The winner will be chosen though Randomizer on Friday, August 24, 2012 at 12pm.  You will need to place your email with me so I can find you if you win! Good luck!  Only good within the USA, sorry all of my international friends!

Have fun!!

Disclaimer:  Yume Blush provided me with 4 samples of their product to provide you a fair and honest review.  The opinions of the article are mine, yours may differ.


17 thoughts on “Yumé Blush – Giveaway over

  1. I followed you on Twitter 🙂 Lavender Lemon sounds great. As much as I like chocolate, I don’t love it as a beauty product. It doesn’t smell right once you put it on. JMHO. I think more citrusand herb flavors. Maybe coconut lime would make a good one?

  2. Lavendar lemon might be good… I agree with the comment about chocolate beauty products. I already follow you on twitter, subscribe to your blog and like everything that you do! 🙂

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