Dressed Up (Box) Birthday Cake

Hannah's cake

This past June, my daughter, Hannah had her 8th birthday party.  I didn’t have a group of kids over this year, rather just invited my family and left it at that.  I don’t recall year after year my family having all of my friends over for a big party bash, so one year without a big gig is a good thing.  When DID it become necessary that we parents host something big or have an outing somewhere?  Oy. 🙂

Alas, when I have birthday parties, I don’t make cake from scratch.  Why?  Who am I showing the cake off to?  Well, Hannah’s friends, and my family, but we all know who eats the cake.  The kids.  And then the parents will grab a bite without anyone watching.  (Come now… you know what I’m talking about!)  So, why go into the hassle of creating a cake from scratch when that’s not the main concern?  I don’t, I use box cake.  BUT, I do like to jazz up the cake. 

This year, I dressed up the cake, using chocolate cake mix from a box, then taking vanilla frosting, tinting it pink, and slathering it on the cake.  No, I didn’t get fancy with the dress up there…  but then the fun began with a chocolate ganache.  It doesn’t take long to make ganache.  Look up any simple recipe for it, and you will find it’s dark chocolate, heavy cream, maybe butter, and a little vanilla.  Done.

Add decor? Yea, my daughter loves horses, so we had a cowgirl party for her, and bought some little mini toy horses from our local Horse and Farm feed store (they have toys!) and placed them on the cake. Done and done.

How did it taste?  Better than box cake, and no one knew. 🙂


One thought on “Dressed Up (Box) Birthday Cake

  1. That is an 8 year old’s dream cake — horses frolicking on a field of chocolate! Happy (belated) Birthday to your daughter and kudos to you for keeping it simple.

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