Product Review: Gluten Free Brownies by Betty Crocker

I know what you’re thinking… “Does Betty Crocker really need a food review?”  Well, no.  And NO… they did not provide me with this box to review.  I’m doing this out of the goodness of my own sweet little heart.  Truthfully, I wanted to taste this variety of brownie to see if it can stand up to my personal favorite brownie maker (from a box.)

So did it?  Well, no.  It is not as decadent, or chocolatey and it doesn’t carry that deep rich flavor I was seeking. It was not nearly as moist as my favorite brownie maker either.  Also, it had a bit of a grainy texture to it.  But the ingredients are set for Gluten Free needs, so why am I complaining?  Because I am a chocolate brownie snob.

Did I at least enjoy it?  Is chocolate going to get passed by in this kitchen?  Silly question… While it’s not Ghirardelli  my favorite brownie maker, it is no cardboard plain mess either.  I personally think Betty Crocker did a good job with this product, and hope to see some flavors that they add to it. (hint)

For my Gluten Free friends (and students), I would recommend adding something to these brownies.  Say… hot sauce!  Seriously, a shake or two of Tabasco can really make these brownies pop!

And there you have it.  Truth… in a box!

Disclaimer:  These opinions are mine. I purchased the box of Betty Crocker, Gluten Free brownies.  It’s okay if you disagree. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Gluten Free Brownies by Betty Crocker

  1. It’s nice to know that Betty decided to get on the gluten free bandwagon. That means manufacturers are listening to their consumers’ needs! Thanks for the review!

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