Birth of Coffee: Featured at Discovery Place

 Birth of Coffee Discovery Place

Coffee… It’s the first thing that starts many people in the morning.  All I have to do is jump on my computer and see dozens of comments of the topic or photos in the early hours until sundown of coffee cups, coffee pouring from a Keurig machine, or maybe a random coffee store picture with cup in hand.  Coffee has become a lifestyle, not just a drink.

Discovery Place has a very interesting exhibit going on RIGHT NOW, one that you coffee lovers will really enjoy.  Featured on the 3rd floor, in a quiet setting, is gorgeous photography by Daniel Lorenzetti and text by his wife, Linda Rice Lorenzetti, capturing the people working from the birth of coffee, the harvest, and production, all to fill your cup. While some of you may be connoissers of coffee, I found I was not.  Here is an interesting tidbit on the discovery of coffee that you may enjoy found on The National Coffee Associations website!

In the Ethiopian highlands, where the legend of Kaldi, the goatherd, originated, coffee trees grow today as they have for centuries. Though we will never know with certainty, there probably is some truth to the Kaldi legend.  It is said that he discovered coffee after noticing that his goats, upon eating berries from a certain tree, became so spirited that they did not want to sleep at night.

Guess you better thank the goats for this discovery!

So, what else did I learn?  Did you know that it takes a LONG time to harvest these beans? 5 years for one plant to produce it’s fruit!  I think we need a high level of appreciation when all things are considered here.  I spoke to the Director of Marketing at S&D Coffee, John Buckner, about this fact and learned that we really could not afford to harvest coffee in the USA due to cost.  The labor that goes into harvesting coffee is intense and super expensive if we tried to do this here.  Try… $200+ for a cup of coffee.  Really? Yes, really.  And the photos in this amazing exhibit are proof of that.
Birth of Coffee Discovery Place

What are the pictures like?  You really do need to see them for yourself to be captured by the truth behind the bean.  But my thoughts?  Beautiful.  The faces that are captured in the fields, or the production areas, are truth.  Seasoned faces of the reality of coffee production.  Honestly, coffee IS about the people that produce it.  Not the bean.  Not the flavor, nor the aroma.  It’s the people.  Daniel Lorenzetti does an amazing job of capturing that.  As I look at my coffee in my cup, right now, I think about the hands that were involved in providing me this dark rich flavor that starts my day…

You can see this exhibit, free of charge, thanks to the sponsor, S&D Coffee, from October 2, 2012 – January 7, 2013. 

 Birth Of Coffee Discovery Place

Disclaimer: Discovery Place invited me to attend this special media event to provide you with insight.  The opinions are of this post are mine, yours however may differ.

2 thoughts on “Birth of Coffee: Featured at Discovery Place

  1. Andrea, the title of your post got me going almost more than my daily java! 🙂 (LOVE that this display features coffee-colored walls!) I’ve always been grateful for every “seasoned face” that contributes to my morning cup of Joe… thanks for pointing that fact out. I’ll enjoy and appreciate it even more from now on!

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