Pesto Tortellini with Artichokes

Pesto Tortellini with ArtichokesHappy New Year everyone!  This year I have a few changes in the works with recipes that I hope you will enjoy.  While I still will be creating yummy desserts and goodies, I am going to provide some delicious meals for you and your family.  Many of these are by trial, and the interesting thing is that I will be giving my honest feedback on how that recipe tasted; and what my family thought of it as well.  Also, you should know that my children do partake in cooking in our home, so these recipes are tested with little hands as well. 🙂  Enjoy!

This year, God must have something planned for us, as we are living on a VERY tight income due to unfortunate circumstances.  Some changes have taken place, and that means some serious food planning has been arranged.  I have found by doing planning, our food can stretch pretty far.  So while some sacrifices do take place, we have found this area doesn’t have to suffer if done correctly.  I saw a great Tweet today that said it perfectly… that the food can stretch far is you take it whole and break it down.  (Think, a whole chicken.)

Yesterday, I made my husband and I some lunch which turned out to be of monster portion size.  I would recommend this meal for a family of 4 (or 3 if you have a teenage boy in the home!)  I call it “poor mans pasta” but that name doesn’t reflect the beauty in flavors! Try this one out to feed the flock!

Pesto Tortellini with Artichokes

  • 1/2 lb. of pesto filled tortellini (TJ’s sells them!)
  • dash of salt
  • 13 oz. can of Artichoke hearts
  • 12 oz can of diced tomatoes
  • Parm cheese
  • Pepper

Boil the tortellini in salted water for 14-15 minutes until they are fat.  Some people like them with a small bite, but I’m not from Italy, so that doesn’t  appeal to me 🙂  In a separate pan, place in diced tomatoes and artichoke hearts (with juices) and heat up to nearly boiling.  Let simmer until tortellini is cooked. Add the two dishes together and stir.  Season with cheese and pepper if desired.


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