Healthy Belgian Waffles

Healthy Belgian waffles

It’s just about every weekend my daughter asks to use the waffle maker, and I am not so eager to comply.  Why?  Have you taken a look at the recipe for a Belgian waffle?  Butter butter butter and more butter.  SO, not happening.  Don’t get me wrong, the real deal is incredible.  But my heart would not agree to that, nor should it!  And I don’t want to train my kids to expect the “high test” variety either.  Healthy all the time, splurge once in a while.

I didn’t go and recreate the wheel this morning (who has that kind of time?)  I grabbed a recipe from a website that I can’t say I have ever used before.  Fine, whatever!  When I have my kids staring me down for food due to the nature of their little ravenous bellies, I am not taking my time searching for the absolute perfect recipe.

Instead of re-posting the recipe below, I will put up a link for you here.  Enjoy everyone!!


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