Sending some Mardi Gras fun your way…

The Chocolate Bottle

Mardi Gras Donuts

There is something magical about the New Orleans area… the constant activity, the people, the music, and the food. With Fat Tuesday around the corner, I have already made a few creations in the kitchen, that bring back wonderful memories of the deep South. Have I ever gone to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras? No. Do I want to? Ehhh, not sure I can answer that at this point in my life, but probably not. Why? I love jazz music, and I would rather take a trip back when they have the Jazz Festival going on. If you haven’t gone to that… well, you are missing out!


In any case, some of you may not associate the day to much of anything. Perhaps you don’t participate in fasting during Lent, or you really don’t care about the day in general? If you are like us, you go all out…

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