Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Hey everyone!  Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday!  Today as you know is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!  This morning I’m just doing a recap of some items I have made over  past two years for his “holiday.”  Later today, I plan on sharing a little time with the girls making something special for Horton Hears a Who theme. (Look for that post either tonight or tomorrow!)

Wishing you well!

Thing One and Thing Two (Chocolate Covered Oreos!)

Thing One and Thing Two

Cat in the Hat Hat’s (Chocolate dipped marshmallows on a cookie)

Cat in the Hat Hats

Cat in the Hat Chocolate Bark

Cat in the Hat Chocolate Bark

Pink Ink and Hop on Pop Popcorn
Pink InkHop on Pop Popcorn


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

  1. Just found your site. VERY COOL!! I have a daughter with a traumatic brain injury. Since she could not hold a “normal” job so, we created a candy company which repackages and makes candy which we sell locally in an a few retail locations. She will love seeing your recipes as they look great and easy to make. I can see us making them and having a lot of fun and maybe even carrying a few in our line. Keep up the great work. It looks like you are having a lot of fun doing it. http://www.skyesdelights.com

    1. Hi Steve and Allie, thank you for writing in! I’m glad that these recipes can help contribute to your company. Love what you have to offer! Allie, I see you are so close… if I ever get over that way, we should meet sometime if that would be ok? Thanks again!

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