Sweet Tooth Festival – 2013

Sweet Tooth Festival

This past Saturday evening, I attended the annual Sweet Tooth Festival held at the Blacklion store in Pineville, NC.  The event once again was a big success and they changed it up this year by making it a closed event in the evening, complete with a red carpet entrance!

Greeted in the foyer, I was given a Yelp swag bag with a Fuze drink and a big cake box (very necessary!)  Immediately, the fun began as I headed to the tables loaded with all sweets and a familiar faces.  The big theme that I noticed within the festival was the amount of cupcake makers!  My goodness, I never knew we had that many cakeries in the Charlotte region, but then again, I’m used to my little South Charlotte “box.”  It was really wonderful to see the many varieties of cakes, cake pops, cookies, chocolates and even granola.  One bakery had “milk shots” to wash down the sweet tooth everyone was gaining from the sugar rush.  Good idea!
Think Chocolate

To help everyone keep track of what station they hit, there was a Passport to ensure we stopped everywhere. This year, the Sweet Tooth Festival pulled in 28 companies!  That is a serious amount of sweets, which is why I was grateful for the cake box to stash for another day.  By the time I left the event, my arms were full of goodies, and I was ready to head home and share a few bites with my Hubby.

Did I have a favorite company?  Wow, this year I have to say was TOUGH!

For cupcakes, I was intrigued this year with the Man Cake… dark chocolate, beer, bacon, and smoked caramel…Yes, really!  I hear those cupcakes ran out fast, and you can see why!

So this year, my Best Cupcake award goes to: Hot Sugar Confections!

For cookies, I must say that I’m not a big cookie eating person, unless it has chocolate, however, I was definitely loving one company and her variety of sugar cookie.  Sweet, buttery and soft, the perfect sugar cookie, with unique designs was a clear winner.

This year, my Best Cookie award goes to: Hey Sugar Shop!
Hey Sugar Shop
For chocolate, ahhh my favorite topic. 🙂  Many of you know that I have loyalty to a particular company, but this year, I have to say that a different company took the win this year.  Complete with a full chocolate making demonstration and beautiful artisan style chocolate, along with flavors… quite the show.

This year my Best Chocolate award goes to: Bar Chocolate!
Bar Chocolate

Lastly, I’d like to give an Honorable Mention to a new group!  Their granola was very tasty and their name fits their grace they carried when sharing their product…

Please welcome Royal Oats Granola!









Were there other things than cake and chocolate and cookies?  Yes! There was a spice company, a candy party group, and some ice cream to sample as well.  A perfectly wonderful very SWEET tooth satisfying event!

Milk shots


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