Easy Easter Bark

Easter Bark

Today I braved the Spring Break crowds at the stores… though I’m not sure why I waited?!  It was crazy traffic and people traffic as well.  Not fun.  I think I’m spoiled, because I’m used to low crowd levels.  I shop when kids are at school, when everyone is working; so it’s me…and the crowd leftover. 🙂  Just the way I like it!!

I picked up some Easter candy today.  I’m sure you’re shocked that I didn’t make my own, yes?  It’s been a hectic “season,” so simple is better right now.  I bought a bag of Reese’s Pieces Pastel Eggs, and a bag of Cadbury’s mini eggs.  Also grabbed a bag of pretzels and set off home!

I am not hitting the social networks the next few days, as I’d like to actually ENJOY Easter, and the break shortly after.  So, I’m wishing you all a very HOPPY EASTER!!!

Blessings to you and your loved ones. 🙂

  • Bag of Reese’s Pieces pastel eggs
  • Bag of Cadbury mini eggs
  • Pretzels – stick style
  • Wilton Dark Chocolate Melting chocolate

Melt down the Wilton Candies.  Crush in a bag the mini eggs.  Break apart a few handfuls of pretzel sticks.  Stir in chocolate, and flatten chocolate down on waxed paper covered baking sheet.  Chill in fridge.  Break apart!

Easter Bark


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