Blackberry, Basil and Brie Grilled Cheese

Blackberry Basil Brie

What a mouthful… truly.  Just call this sandwich the 3 B’s for short because it is seriously the “bees knees.”  Blackberries, basil and brie; a very satisfying lunch, I mean, breakfast, I mean, dinner; how about as a snack?  I tested this recipe out today while teaching my students, and I love the flavor combination.  The three ingredients need each other to make it work.  Take one out and it’s missing something.   The buttery flavor of melted brie, the sweet pop of the blackberries, and the spicy basil make this desirable and delicious.  Can you see this with a glass of champagne?  Beauty in taste and appearance…

So would a gentleman eat such a thing?  I tested this recipe on my husband as he is not normally a brie cheese eating person.  I won his heart on this one and that makes me very happy to know I can add this to our menu at home.



8 thoughts on “Blackberry, Basil and Brie Grilled Cheese

  1. Andrea, this sammich and a glass of champagne has immense appeal… I’ll be adding it to my menu whether my hubby likes it or not. (But somehow I think he WILL.) What a wonderful creation!

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