Healthy Whole Wheat Waffles

Whole Wheat Waffles

When I go grocery shopping, I have a lot that weighs on my mind.  I see so many prepackaged, put-together foods and I debate on picking up that boxed up item.  “It will just make my life a little bit easier…The kids love it… it’s simple.”  While I love to simplify my life, this is an area I do not.  So shopping with old training still bouncing around in my mind is my “head trash…” if you will.

What really does it for me is finding my kids loving my home cooked foods far better than eating out or eating processed foods.  Case in point.  Last night I had to pick up dinner after visiting my Mom who was in the hospital for a surgery.  I’m tired, and cooking wasn’t in the cards.  It meant I took shortcuts and picked up a roasted chicken, prepared mashed potatoes and some veggies in a bag to steam up.  I’m thinking that I did good.  Not so.  Everyone ate, because we were all hungry.  But all of us whined about the flavor and texture and the feeling of it being processed.  And believe it or not, that bag of steamed veggies were just not as good as a fresh batch of veggies, handpicked(NOT in a bag.)

So, do I cheat when shopping?  No!  This is when I am diligent and only buy foods that need to be cooked, chopped, baked, etc.  Real food.  Whole food.  From scratch food.  Whatever you call it, that’s how we primarily eat in our home, and it’s a huge benefit.

My kids are spoiled by this.  They want the best in flavor.  So, we make waffles from scratch now.  No more Eggos!  It broke my heart at first, but then I watched them eat a small portion of the waffles I made and found them FULL – for a very long time.  This is why we eat what we eat… and how we mostly eat at home.

Is it work? OH my goodness… yes, but it helps to do a little planning to ease the workload.  It also means getting off my “duff” and being that Mom and wife I strive to be!  The greatest part I see derive from this weekly task is that my kids and husband want to participate.  They are eager to help cook and bake, and I’m grateful for our kitchen to be a huge focal point in our lives, without expanding our waistlines.  🙂

Want the recipe I use?  Check out Lisa’s awesome website for waffles!  You won’t be sorry!


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