Basic Carpet Deodorizer

Basic Carpet Deodorizer

Another tried and true recipe I have tested out was a basic carpet deodorizer.  Some people have done this recipe with just baking soda, and some have added essential oils.  Lastly, I have also seen people add spices which sounds more my cup of tea since I keep many spices in our home.  I have gone with a dried lavender which I chopped up in a food processor, but if you have fresh and give this a try, let me know how it works vs. the dry variety.  I can only imagine how nice a cinnamon/cloves variety would smell around Christmas time… Hmmm, maybe my next go around since it’s getting to be that time of year.

So today I tested the “recipe” out and found it to work quite nicely.  I didn’t find the smell of lavender lingering in the home too long, but the rugs smell clean and I even sprinkled some on the couch too!  Since we have dogs in our home, keeping the house smelling fresh (and not like a dog) is super important to me.  I will definitely stick to this recipe!

Ingredients:Basic Carpet Deodorizer

  • Baking Soda – 3/4 cup (or more depending on your needs)
  • Spice of your choice (about a TBSP per 1/2 cup – or more)
  • Food Processor
  • Shaker can or spoon


Measure out ingredients and put into food processor.  Blend together.  Put into shaker can.


Shake shake shake!!  Wait 15 minutes to let settle into carpet or furniture.  Vacuum!


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