Light Cannoli Bites

Cannoli bites

Last summer I had a chance to visit my Dad in PA for a few days, and specifically chose to come up during a time when he was hosting his monthly dinner party.  Each month he would host a party that was focused on a theme, in which each person would bring a food dish around that theme.  This particular party?  Ahem…

… Mafia Mayhem…

Hey, I didn’t pick the theme!  But we sure did have a lot of fun decorating the house with a few items.  Where do you get a horse head?  Yea, it’s a crime and a shame, but we had to saw off a toy horse head to place with the bouquet of oranges.  *no animals were injured in this event… it was just a toy horse that suffered*

So, while everyone went about their business of bringing in Italian dishes, I went with a lightweight dessert, because, I LOVE dessert!  And I’m glad that I chose the bites, as everyone was stuffed full.  These little portions were the perfect ending to a heavy but delicious dinner.

Want the recipe? Check out Emily Bites for her great recipe!


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